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Quinault Consultations Program

Quinault Consultations
The mouth of the Quinault River

The Quinault Consultations Program provides expertise and guidance for individuals, agencies, organizations or businesses prior to ground-disturbing activities such as timber harvest on the Quinault Indian Nation and within the Nation’s areas of interest, primarily within the Chehalis watershed. Consultation with the tribe is a requirement before any actions are taken.

Federal agencies must consult with Indian tribes that attach religious and cultural significance to historic properties, regardless of their location. The goal of the Quinault Consultations Program is to protect cultural and natural resources such as archaeological sites, traditional indigenous use sites, forests, clean air and water, fish and wildlife in addition to the habitat that all require to survive and thrive.

The Quinault Indian Nation has established a Tribal Historic Preservation Office to manage its cultural resource/archaeological responsibilities. At this time, agencies with programs within the Quinault area of interest should contact the Tribal Historic Preservation Office for National Historic Preservation Act Section 106, and Washington State Executive Order 05-05 compliance.

Note: All official Government to Government Consultation should be directed to the Quinault Indian Nation President, Guy Capoeman. Electronic copies can and should be sent to the applicable technical review team.

Archaeologist (THPO), Naomi Brandenfels  »  360.276.8215 x7309

Cultural Resource Specialist, Justine James, Jr  »  360.276.8215 x7330

Quinault Archivist/Curator, Tootie James  »  360.276.8215 x245

QDNR Director, Dave Bingaman  »  360.276.8215 x7374

To contact the Tribal Historic Preservation Office send inquiries to:

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Quinault Cultural Historic Preservation Act

Washington State Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation

National Historic Preservation Act  »  Sets forth government policy and procedures regarding “historic properties” — that is, districts, sites, buildings, structures, and objects included in or eligible for the National Register of Historic Places. Section 106 of NHPA requires that Federal agencies consider the effects of their actions on such properties, following regulations issued by the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation.

American Indian Religious Freedom Act  »  Orders protection and preservation of traditional religions of Native Americans. Federal implementation of protective and preservation functions relating to Native American religious cultural rights and practices; Presidential report to Congress.

The Archaeological Resources Protection Act  »  Prohibits the excavation of archaeological resources (anything of archaeological interest) on Federal or Indian lands without a permit from the land manager.