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QDNR Departments

The QDNR Departments (Quinault Division of Natural Resources) in partnership with the citizens of the Quinault Indian Nation, provide innovative leadership and expertise to ensure environmental protection, public safety, and a rich quality of life.

The Quinault Indian Nation draws strength from the values of its past and the resources within our community to manifest our shared future. We are a healthy, thriving and sustainable community that inspires hope and self-reliance in our people.

We recognize the contribution of each citizen, honor authentic engagement and open communication, and have deep reverence for the Quinault Spirit that shines through our people, our ways, and our beautiful lands.

QDNR Departments List

QDNR Departments | Bureau of Indian Affairs Taholah AgencyThe mission of the Bureau of Indian Affairs Taholah Agency is to enhance the quality of life, to promote economic opportunity, and to carry out the responsibility to protect and improve the trust assets of American Indians, Indian tribes and Alaska Natives.



QDNR Departments | Quinault EnrollmentThe Quinault Enrollment Department is responsible for, processing enrollment applications, assisting with gathering supporting documentation for applications, processing relinquishment’s, issuing complete Certification of Indian Blood (CIB) documents, issuing Tribal Identification Cards, providing verification of enrollment status, assisting the Bureau of Indian Affairs with probates and maintaining accurate membership and eligible voter lists for the Quinault Indian Nation.


QDNR Departments | Quinault Environmental Protection DepartmentThe Quinault Environmental Protection Department has broad responsibilities related to environmental issues within the Quinault Indian Nation and within the Quinault Usual and Accustomed (U&A) hunting and fishing areas. The Quinault Environmental Protection Department oversees implementation of Title 61 (Natural Resources Management Act) within the Quinault Indian Nation and issues permits for work in or near water and for forest management activities such as cedar salvage. EP provides technical expertise on wildlife, fish habitat, water and air quality and invasive species.


QDNR Departments | Quinault Fisheries DepartmentThe Quinault Fisheries Department provides harvest management, hatchery production, and other technical services to support the Nation’s fisheries. These services help protect and enhance the fisheries and resources of the Quinault Indian Nation.



QDNR Departments | Quinault Forestry DepartmentThe Quinault Forestry Department has the responsibility to sustainably manage the land for timber, secondary forest products (such as foods, firewood, or decorative plant materials), traditional gathering, wildlife, and recreation on the Quinault Indian Nation.



QDNR Departments | Quinault GIS Mapping DepartmentThe Quinault GIS Mapping Department works with spatial data and creates maps of Quinault Indian Nation land ownership, timber stands, harvest units, transportation, rivers and streams, and infrastructure such as culverts.



QDNR Departments | Quinault Land Management DepartmentThe Quinault Land Management Department helps acquire and consolidate non-trust and trust lands on the Quinault Indian Nation and assists the Nation in land management activities such as fee-to-trust conversions, ownership records management, land purchase, and leases.



QDNR Departments | Quinault Resource Enforcement DepartmentIt is the mission of the Quinault Resource Enforcement Department to maintain enforcement patrols and other activities to help the Quinault Indian Nation protect its natural resources within its forests and fisheries in its Usual and Accustomed Areas and on Quinault Indian Nation Lands.




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