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Quinault Enrollment Department

Quinault Enrollment Department | Quinault Division of Natural Resources
Aerial view of Taholah at the mouth of the Quinault River

The Quinault Enrollment Department is responsible for, processing enrollment applications, assisting with gathering supporting documentation for applications, processing relinquishment’s, issuing complete Certification of Indian Blood (CIB) documents, issuing Tribal Identification Cards, providing verification of enrollment status, assisting the Bureau of Indian Affairs with probates and maintaining accurate membership and eligible voter lists for the Quinault Indian Nation.

In addition, the Quinault Enrollment Department maintains enrollment file records of Quinault Tribal members and their addresses for mailings and announcements as well as demographic information of tribal members and reservation residents for numerous uses by other departments and outside agencies, such as the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Quinault Enrollment Department | Quinault Division of Natural Resources
Quinault tribal members carrying a canoe during the Paddle to Quinault 2013

The Quinault Division of Natural Resources Enrollment Department provides proof of residency of our members to other tribal departments for eligibility for services provided by those departments.  Therefore we need to require that proof address be provided for address updates.  Examples of documents that can be used for a Proof of Address includes but is not limited to: utility bill, gas, water, landline phone, rent or lease agreement, housing statement if in Quinault housing, unexpired driver’s license or state ID, a statement from family member you are staying with if temporary, etc.

Members have access through the Enrollment Department to some old family trees and probate information and information regarding Tribal land status reports.

Quinault Enrollment Department Mission

It is the mission of Quinault Enrollment Department to protect, honor and adhere to the enrollment provisions set forth by the Quinault Constitution and Bylaws. To protect all documentation provided for and by tribal members, to assist with integrity, accuracy and the utmost respect of confidentiality.

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