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Quinault Air Quality Program

Quinault Air Quality Program | Quinault Environmental Protection Department
Burning slash on QIN lands

The Quinault Air Quality Program is responsible for maintaining good air quality for the Quinault Indian Nation and its people. Good air quality is important to your health and the environment. Federal and state agencies set air quality standards for outdoor air. The purpose of these standards is to prevent air pollution from reaching levels that hurt human health.

There are many air pollutants that can directly affect your health, such as ground-level ozone and fine particles. The specific pollutant, its concentration, duration of exposure, and individual health conditions  are all factors in how air pollution affects your health.

Educating the public and ensuring their participation in the air quality management process is a critical aspect of the Quinault Air Quality Program. Air quality has a tremendous impact on sensitive populations. These populations need to understand how they are affected, how they can minimize impacts, and how they can prevent air pollution episodes in the future.

Quinault Air Quality Management Goals

Quinault Air Quality Program | Quinault Environmental Protection Program
Recent Sonoma CA wildfires causes air pollution

Effective air quality management also includes setting specific goals or standards that are quantifiable, measurable, and have associated timelines for achievement. A transparent process including consultation with and review by decision makers and the public, facilitates understanding, acceptance, and implementation of goals and standards.

Air quality management refers to all the activities a regulatory authority undertakes to help protect human health and the environment from the harmful effects of air pollution. The process of managing air quality can be illustrated as a cycle of inter-related elements. The Quinault Air Quality Program monitors for PM2.5, conducts indoor air quality projects, provides education and outreach on various air quality issues, and works closely with fire staff to maintain a current Smoke Management Plan and to ensure minimal impacts to communities during burn season.

Current Quinault Air Quality Program projects:

VW Settlement Workgroup

Indoor Air Quality Workgroup

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