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Timber, Fish and Wildlife

Quinault Timber, Fish and Wildlife Program

Quinault Timber, Fish and Wildlife Program | Quinault Environmental Protection Department
Quinault River flowing into Lake Quinault

The Quinault Timber, Fish and Wildlife program (TFW) is a consensus approach to implementing reforms in forest practice regulations on the Quinault Usual and Accustomed Areas. We are a regulatory participation program that works with forest landowners, the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and other local, State, and Federal agencies primarily to evaluate proposed forest practices and other land-use activities within the Quinault Usual and Accustomed Areas.

The Quinault Timber, Fish and Wildlife program are technical experts with knowledge of fish resources and habitat, geomorphology, unstable slopes, hydrology, wildlife, and native northwest flora. We provide this expertise to other basin stakeholders while fostering positive working relationships for the protection and enhancement of culturally important natural resources. Our ultimate goal is to ensure the continued ability for Quinault tribal members to maintain and exercise their treaty protected rights.

Quinault Timber, Fish and Wildlife Responsibilities

The Quinault Nation TFW team is involved with many research projects designed to provide results that will assist land management and state agencies with managing fish, wildlife, and cultural resources important to the Quinault people. The Quinault Timber, Fish and Wildlife program responsibilities include:

  • Screening Forest Permit Applications to ensure that natural resources and public safety are protected
  • Participating on Interdisciplinary Teams with other resource specialists to make on-the-ground timber and forest road resource management decisions on extremely sensitive sites
  • Reviewing Quinault Forest Road Maintenance & Abandonment Plans to see that fish passage obstacles are correctly identified and repaired, culverts are sized correctly, and that sediment laden water is not delivered to streams
  • Assess stream-type changes proposed by landowners to determine fish presence or absence. Fish presence ensures riparian protection upstream as far as fish can penetrate the stream
  • Review and provide Quinault Indian Nation decision makers with technical information to aide in shaping public policy impacting natural resources
  • Monitor cumulative impacts of Forest Practices to help determine if regulations are sufficient to restore salmon runs to sustainable and fishable populations
  • Review and provide technical expertise for forest practices applications and activities
  • Protect, restore, and enhance fish and wildlife habitat with a natural process based approach
  • Design and implement fish habitat restoration projects
  • Conduct research and monitoring studies to explain adaptive management of treaty protected resources
  • Advocate for Quinault tribal treaty rights among all resource stakeholders
  • Aim to safeguard fish and wildlife habitat while providing for the economic healthiness of the timber industry
Quinault Timber, Fish and Wildlife Program | Quinault Environmental Protection Department
Pacific Fisher, aka Sxwemechen

The Quinault Timber, Fish and Wildlife program will continue to address forestry impacts on water temperature, water quality impacts from forestry derived sediment, use of bio-indicators to assess the water quality impacts of forest practices, and the effect of forest chemical applications on water quality. A close link between the research efforts in TFW and the procedure for implementing regulatory change has greatly improved the responsiveness of the rule making process to new information. Results from the water temperature and forest chemical work is currently being incorporated into the forest practice regulations.

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