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Quinault Forestry Department

Quinault Forestry DepartmentThe Quinault Forestry Department has the responsibility to sustainably manage the land for timber, secondary forest products (such as foods, firewood, or decorative plant materials), traditional gathering, wildlife, and recreation on the Quinault Indian Nation.

Quinault Forestry Department Mission

To manage and protect all applicable Quinault Indian Nation forestland and associated resources for the benefit of the Quinault tribal members and their heirs.

The 10-year Forest Management Plan is the guiding document for Quinault Division of Natural Resources Forestry Department maintaining forest practices on the Quinault Indian Nation. You can download a copy at the following link:

2017 Forest Management Plan

2017 FMP Environmental Assessment

The Quinault Forestry Department has five sections:

  1. Forest Development on all Tribal and Trust allotted lands on the Quinault Indian Nation lands.
    • Forest regeneration activities
    • Tree improvement activities
    • Forest stand improvement
    • Pest management
    • Site preparation
    • Fuels management activity
  2. Harvest Management
    • Prepare timber and cedar salvage sales
    • Conduct environmental assessments as needed
    • Administer contracts
    • Permit and monitor (non-timber) minor forest products
    • Generate revenue from QIN-owned resources
  3. Forest Roads Management
    • Provide road maintenance and construction expertise for the Reservation forest road system
    • Oversee installation of culverts and bridges
    • Prepare road use agreements
    • Maintain charges for forest roads on the Reservation
  4. Fire Management
    • Provide fire information and burn permit inspections
    • Evaluate fire effects
    • Conduct fuel management treatments, fire suppression, and resource protection
    • Burn slash and prepare sites for reforestation
    • Support local, regional, and national wildland fire incidents
  5. Technical Services
    • Conduct forest inventory
    • Maintain  a forestry database for all tribal and trust allotted lands on the Reservation
    • Coordinate activities with outside agencies and programs

Forest Management Plan:

The 10-year Forest Management Plan for the Quinault Indian Nation provides the goals, directions, and technical specifications for managing all the individually-owned Trust lands and tribally-owned lands on the Reservation. Timber harvest, water quality, fish and wildlife habitat, roads, cultural resources, and fire management are addressed in the plan.

Quinault Forestry History – Laying Down Roots by Larry Workman

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