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Fire Protection

Quinault Fire Protection Program

Quinault Fire Protection DepartmentThe Quinault Fire Protection Program is responsible for fire prevention and suppression, public education, emergency medical services and hazardous materials emergency response on the lands of the Quinault Indian Nation.

For Fire Protection Emergencies call 911 or dial 360.276.8215 x7110

The Bureau of Indian Affairs and Tribal Wildfire Prevention programs across the country provide leadership, training and guidance to develop strategies to reduce the number of human caused fires on Native American lands. The Quinault Fire Protection Program team works closely with tribal leaders and tribal communities to:

  • Implement wide burn permit systems on the Quinault lands
  • Raise public awareness regarding human caused fires
  • Develop community wildfire protection plans
  • Invite community involvement to mitigate wildfire activity
  • Conduct origin and cause wildfire investigations
  • Develop or revise Tribal Law and Order Codes pertaining to wildfire crimes
  • Develop trespass cases from resource damaging wildfires

The Quinault Fire Protection Program is a professional organization dedicated to providing outstanding service. Providing a safe environment for people to live, work and play on the Quinault Indian Nation by providing quality fire prevention and protection; all the while maintaining a level of training to provide the best fire suppression and first responder medical care possible.

Quinault Fire Protection Employment

The Quinault Fire Protection Program is always looking for interested men and women that are seeking seasonal employment on type 2 IA “Initial Attack” hand crew. The hand crew can be deployed nationwide including Alaska and Canada.

Wildland firefighting can be physically demanding for long periods of time. Working in heavy smoke and intense heat, climbing steep and rugged terrain, working in and living in an outdoor environment and carrying heavy packs and equipment. For long periods of time.

Position Requirements:

  • Deployments may be up to 21 days
  • Up to 16 hour working days
  • Must be able to PASS a work capacity test
  • MUST be available during fire season
  • Will be subject to mandatory drug screens
  • MUST be able to obtain a DOI “Department of Interior” operator’s License
  • MUST be 18 years of age
  • MUST be able to pass a Medical Physical Examination
  • Must complete Basic wildland fire fighter Training
  • Fire assignments require that firefighters work under arduous and stressful conditions
Quinault Fire Protection Program | Quinault Forestry Department
The dedicated team members of the Quinault Fire Protection Program

The Quinault Fire Protection Program looks to the future and sees continued growth and prosperity natural to the growing economy of the Quinault Indian Nation. The program stands prepared to face the challenges and changes that lie ahead. The program is determined to approach such tasks with professionalism and the best level of service in the arenas of fire suppression, prevention, public education, and rescue programs.

The roots of the Quinault people are deep into the surrounding lands. The Quinault Fire Protection Program will make certain these roots continue to be nourished, protected and preserved, ensuring economic viability, and a better way of life for the Quinault members and residents.

Fire Management Officer, Travis Peek  »  360.276.8211 x7113

Assistant Fire Management Officer, John Preston  »  360.276.8215 x7111

Assistant Fire Chief, Chet Jensen  »  360.276.8215 x7112

Fire Dispatcher, Caitlin Howard  »  360.276.8215 x7114

For Fire Protection Emergencies call 911 or dial 360.276.8215 x7110

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