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Quinault Salvage Management Program

Quinault Salvage Management DepartmentThe Quinault Salvage Management Program is responsible for the development, administration, coordination, and execution of the cedar salvage program of the Quinault Indian Nation. The Quinault Division of Natural Resources shall manage the salvage product resources to meet two purposes:

  • Provide and protect the-opportunities for the gathering of cultural resources
  • Provide and protect the opportunities for the commercial harvest of minor forest products by tribal members.

Specialized forest products are managed to provide and protect the opportunities for the gathering of cultural resources and provide and protect the opportunities for the commercial harvest of specialized minor forest products by tribal members. On allotted trust land, the BIA schedules cedar salvage activities in response to owner request.

Quinault Salvage Management Objectives

The Quinault Salvage Management Program intends to operate by meeting the following objectives:

  • Implement the cedar salvage program in a consistent manner
  • Provide opportunities for long-term employment to tribal members
  • Promote cedar salvage entrepreneurship within the tribal membership
  • Manage the cedar salvage resources in an effective and efficient manner
  • Reserve cultural use areas for the exclusive use by tribal members

The Quinault Salvage Management Program implements minimum guidelines for the harvesting of specialized forest products on Quinault Indian Nation lands. Additional information on Quinault policies and procedures regarding western red cedar salvage and other specialized minor forest products can be found in the Lower Reservation Cedar Salvage Operations Manual.

Prior to any harvest, a Quinault Forest Practices Application (FPA) must be approved and, if the unit is within 200’ of a body of water, an approved Quinault Hydraulic Project Application (HPA) is also required. The Quinault Salvage Management Program can help complete the applications and forward it to the relevant parties to expedite the process.

The Quinault Salvage Management Program has established procedures for the hauling of cedar salvage on Quinault lands. These procedures are established to minimize the potential for cedar salvage to be removed from the Quinault lands without the permission of the legal owner.

Quinault Salvage Management Permits

When individuals are hauling five or more cedar products, they are also required to have a hauling permit. All haul routes must be pre-approved in writing by the Quinault Permits Department and a haul permit must be obtained prior to haul. The operator is responsible for completing all road maintenance or reconstruction that may be necessary within the proposed harvest unit.

The Quinault Salvage Management Program will establish scaling locations on the Quinault lands to scale cedar salvage products harvested from the Nation’s ownership. These locations will be at different sites around the Nation’s land as the cedar salvage operations dictate. The Quinault Salvage Management Program will scale and ticket each load before leaving Quinault lands and provide the operator a copy of the scaling ticket.

Quinault Salvage Management Personal Uses

The Quinault Salvage Management Program encourages the personal use of minor forest products by the tribal members. Personal use includes the harvest of all forest resources for non-commercial use. The forest resources harvested cannot be sold in their form, but following manufacturing into a commercial product, the product can be sold.

The harvest of the following cedar salvage requires a use permit:

  • Firewood
  • Ceremonial cedar logs
  • Cedar blocks, poles or posts
  • Christmas trees

The permits are available to tribal members, spouses of tribal members, and Quinault employees, based on the availability of the forest resource. Firewood and cedar products are available only in harvest units released for cultural and subsistence use.


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