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Resource Enforcement

Quinault Resource Enforcement Department

Quinault Resource Enforcement Department | Quinault Division of Natural Resources
The Quinault Resource Enforcement Department team

It is the mission of the Quinault Resource Enforcement Department to maintain enforcement patrols and other activities to help the Quinault Indian Nation protect its natural resources within its forests and fisheries in its Usual and Accustomed Areas and on Quinault Indian Nation Lands.

The Quinault Resource Enforcement Department is under the guidance of the Quinault Public Safety Division. The guiding documents for the department are Title 51 (Fishing, Hunting and Gathering) and Title 61 (Natural Resource Management) of the Quinault Indian Nation code.

Quinault Resource Enforcement Department Programs:

  • Fisheries Enforcement – To provide enforcement patrols for all Quinault Indian Nation rivers, beaches, ocean fisheries, and surrounding rivers that are open for treaty fishing
  • Resource Enforcement – To provide enforcement patrols for regulated activities of forest harvest/activities and patrolling beaches for policy compliance
  • Wildlife Enforcement – To provide patrols for treaty regulated hunting on the Quinault Reservation and throughout the opened areas in our Usual and Accustomed area
  • Vessel Monitoring System – Responsible for maintaining the Electronic Vessel Monitoring systems that are required for Quinault Tribal fishing vessels participating in the Nation’s ocean fisheries

Quinault Resource Enforcement Services

  • Enforcement of the Quinault Indian Nation code and tribal ordinances to protect life, culture and natural resources of the tribe.
  • Preservation of wildlife, environmental surroundings, cultural and archaeological sites and other natural resources of the Quinault Indian Nation.
  • Safeguard communities through awareness, education, and enforcement of tribal laws.
  • Collaboration with neighboring law enforcement agencies in a partnership of sharing information and training of officers.
  • Investigating Timber or other thefts/trespasses to assess damages to prepare a bill so that the affected allottee or landowner receives monetary compensation.
  • Investigating wildfire origin and cause.

Illegal Harvesting

Quinault Resource Enforcement Department | Quinault Division of Natural Resources
Beargrass is one of many types of resources that are illegally harvested on Quinault lands

Illegal harvesting is of the utmost importance to the tribe as it creates losses in revenue, irreversible damage to the natural resources, loss of cultural harvesting, and destroys the delicate ecosystem of the lands of the Quinault. Illegal harvesting can include a variety of items including trees, fish, shellfish, crabs, as well as many types of plant life.

An example of types of illegally harvested products include; decorative beargrass, evergreen boughs, pine cones, huckleberries, moss, wild flowers, cedar bark and so much more. These items often end up hundreds if not thousands of miles away being sold for floral arrangements, wreaths or made into baskets and medicines which go into the black market.

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