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Vessel Monitoring

Quinault Vessel Monitoring Program

Quinault Vessel Monitoring ProgramThe Quinault Vessel Monitoring Program believes that a fishing vessel monitoring system (VMS) is a cost-effective tool for the successful monitoring, control and surveillance of fisheries activities. VMS provides the Quinault Division of Natural Resources with accurate and timely information about the location and activity of regulated fishing vessels. VMS is a general term to describe systems that are used in commercial fishing to allow organizations to track and monitor the activities of fishing vessels.

A VMS is a program of fisheries surveillance, in which equipment that is installed on fishing vessels provides information about the vessels’ position and activity. This is different from traditional monitoring methods, such as using surface and aerial patrols, on-board observers, logbooks or dockside interviews. The VMS allows the Quinault Resource Enforcement Department to use the latest technologies to monitor compliance, track violators, and provide substantial evidence for prosecution.

VMS is a satellite surveillance system primarily used to monitor the location and movement of commercial fishing vessels on Quinault Indian Nation waters. The system uses satellite based communications from onboard transceiver units. The transceiver units send position reports that include vessel identification, time, date, and location, and are mapped and displayed on the Quinault Vessel Monitoring Program computer screen.

Quinault Vessel Monitoring Position Reports

Each vessel typically sends position reports once an hour, but at increased intervals when the vessel is approaching an environmentally sensitive area. Alerts can be sent to the Quinault Vessel Monitoring Program when a particular vessel location might require additional inquiry or contact with the vessel operator.

VMS is used to support law enforcement initiatives and to prevent violations of the laws and regulations of the Quinault Indian Nation. VMS also helps enforcement personnel focus their patrol time on areas with the highest potential for significant violations. It is used as evidence in the prosecution of many environmental laws and regulations.

VMS systems are used to improve the management and sustainability of the marine environment, through ensuring proper fishing practices and the prevention of illegal fishing, and thus protect and enhance the livelihoods of fishermen.

Quinault Vessel Monitoring Program Transformative

The Quinault Vessel Monitoring Program is going to be transformative. It will really change the way we manage Quinault fisheries because we can see what’s happening instead of just trying to envision what’s out there on the water. We will know, and therefore, we can make smarter decisions. Right now commercial fishers know that no one can actually see where they are and what they’re doing. And many of them abide by the rules, but many of them do not. We are going to change that, because now somebody can be watching, purely and simply. We can see what they are doing and that’s going to make a big difference for fishing on Quinault waters.

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