Emily Zimri Shout Out! | Quinault Division of Natural Resources

Emily Zimri Shout Out!

Good Morning,

My name is Hannah Zimri, I wanted to send you a quick note letting you know how how much my daughter Emily learned on your page, http://qlandandwater.org/departments/fisheries/marine-resources/ . She has been at summer camp the last few weeks, and she came home with a new passion for environmentalism and combating pollution. They had been doing some cleanups and education about pollution, and learning about the terrible pollution in our oceans really struck a nerve with her. Emily has been doing quite a bit of research at home and learning more about efforts to combat this tragedy- She mentioned your page quite a few times, and I thought you’d like to know.

Emily Zimri Shout Out! | Quinault Division of Natural Resources
The coast of the Olympic National Park situated by the borders of the QIN

I suggested to Emily that we write you a quick note letting you know how much she learned on your page, and she had the idea of sharing another article about plastic pollution in the oceans, and the great pacific garbage patch, https://www.bbcleaningservice.com/great-pacific-garbage-patch.html. I thought it was a really good article, and such an important topic- I was hoping you might be able to include it on your page? I’d love to show Emily she was able to contribute another resource that might help spread some awareness about how bad it really is for our oceans.

Thanks again for encouraging her interest in becoming an activist for this cause- I am really proud of her and think it’s great she is so concerned about the future and reducing pollution and waste! Hope you enjoy the article, and if you end up being able to include it, please let me know so I can show Emily! Have a great day and hope to speak again soon.


Hannah Zimri


The Quinault Division of Natural Resources would like to thank Emily and Hannah for their encouraging words about the future of our planet. If you would like to send a message to QDNR please visit our “Contact” page to fill out the email form and maybe you can be on our website too!

Emily Zimri Shout Out | Quinault Division of Natural Resources

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