Saturday, June 24, 2017

Our Legacy

The 208,000-acre Quinault Indian Reservation is located on the southwestern corner of Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, cradled between the snow-capped Olympic Mountains and the mighty northern Pacific Ocean.

The Quinault Reservation is the only majorly timbered reservation in the U.S. that was completely divided into 80-acre allotments. Over the course of time, the allotments were distributed to individuals and families from many different tribes. Land ownership on the Reservation has become more complex as the land is fractionated due to inheritance by even more members of succeeding generations. Any development, road-building, timber harvest, restoration or other land management activity requires agreement from the majority of affected landowners.

The Quinault Natural Resource Division is helping to consolidate the Nation's holdings by purchasing trust and fee lands. Consolidation will allow the Nation to manage the land more holistically for the long-term benefit all.

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