The Quinault Indian Nation is the steward of fisheries including the unique “Blueback” sockeye salmon and other salmon species, razor clams, halibut, black cod, and Dungeness crabs.


Provide technical management expertise, information, and guidance to QIN for the purpose of implementing the Nation’s  fisheries policies and programs to achieve natural resources
goals and objectives. One important role of the QDFi is to protect and strengthen the self-regulatory status of the QIN as confirmed and defined in the 1974 U.S. v Washington Federal Court Case, more commonly known as the “Boldt Decision.”

The Department of Fisheries provides harvest management, hatchery production, and other technical services to support the Nation’s fisheries. These services help protect and enhance the fisheries and resources of QIN.

The Department of Fisheries has three sections:

  • Science Section – To provide solid scientific information regarding the status of fisheries resources and to provide sound recommendations for management.
  • Operations Section – To provide the Nation with the best possible biological information and technical recommendations regarding management and regulation of its fisheries and to operate hatcheries and resource restoration.
  • Technical Support Section – To assess and monitor salmon and shellfish populations and fisheries of QIN.

Fisheries Manager