Saturday, July 22, 2017

Who We Are

The Quinault Indian Nation Department of Natural Resources



The Quinault Division of Natural Resources (QDNR) manages natural resources on Quinault Indian Nation land and within the Quinault Indian Nation's Usual and Accustomed area including the ocean. The natural environment and its resources are deeply intertwined with the culture and economy of the Quinault. The traditional tribal worldview is that the people are a part of nature, not apart from nature. “Place-based” people have developed an intimate relationship with their specific natural environment through history. Their physical, mental, social and spiritual health is directly and uniquely related to the health of the ecosystems of the lands and waters they inhabit.

QDNR comprises the departments and programs that manage and watch over the resources on the Quinault Indian Nation lands and within the Quinault Usual and Accustomed areas. With a team of almost 90 professional scientists, field technicians, program managers, administrators and support personnel, QDNR oversees timber stewardship and harvest, freshwater and ocean fisheries, wildlife, environmental protection, sand and gravel production, natural resource enforcement and air and water quality. The Division also maintains tribal enrollment and provides review to other agencies related to cultural resources. The Geographic Information System (GIS) is housed within QDNR and provides data management, mapping and remote-sensing services to the Division and other Quinault Indian Nation programs.

QDNR operates under the oversight of the elected Quinault Business Council and its Land and Natural Resources Committee. Balancing the best science with economic considerations, traditional ecological knowledge, cultural traditions, and climate change contingencies, QDNR team members serve the Quinault Indian Nation.

QDNR’s main office is located on the Quinault Indian Nation on Highway 109 approximately half a mile south of the coastal village of Taholah and 35 miles northwest of Aberdeen, WA.