Saturday, June 24, 2017


“Cultural harvest” refers to the collection of wood (cedar, fir, spruce or hemlock), beargrass, sweetgrass or cedar bark for traditional purposes such as canoe-building, bent board work, basketweaving or carving.

Non-Tribal Members

Harvest of plant material is allowed if accompanied by a Quinault tribal member and collected materials will be used for traditional, non-commercial products for the 2013 Canoe Journey. A no-cost permit is required. Non-tribal members may not collect plant material on the Reservation for any other reason.

Quinault Tribal Members

Tribal members may apply for a free use permit by submitting a Cultural Harvesting Permit Request Form to the QDNR Fish and Game Office, 1214 Aalis Dr., Bldg C, Taholah, WA 98587. Applications are assessed by the Cultural Planning Committee and either approved or denied.

You can download a permit HERE.