Saturday, July 22, 2017

Tribal Lands Day

Sixteen Taholah high school students and an equal number of Elders, school officials and Quinault Division of Natural Resources team members toured

the Quinault Indian Nation on Sept. 27, 2012, for the first-ever Tribal Lands Day.

The group stopped at five sites to learn about their historical, cultural and ecological importance from tribal Elders and QDNR technical team members. The day concluded with a salmon dinner and gift-giving at the Community Center in collaboration with the Quinault Prevention program.

Students particularly enjoyed the stories of Elder Francis Rosander who has lived much of his life on the Reservation. Mr. Rosander and long-time tribal employee and photographer Larry Workman provided a running Reservation narrative and historical context as attendees rode the bus and hiked through the forest and along the Quinault River to selected sites. They pointed out places where significant events had occurred and drew attention to features – such as remnants of a wild cranberry bog – that were important to the traditional culture of coastal Salish peoples. The magnificent Canoe Stand with its towering cedars, lush ferns and utter peace was a highlight for the students, many of whom had never been to the site.

Tribal Lands Day was coordinated by QDNR. Partners in the event included Elders, seniors and community members, QIN Administration, Taholah School District, Quinault Prevention Program, Quinault Tribal Enterprises, the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Funding was provided, in part, by the National Environmental Education Foundation.

It is hoped that this will become an annual event to encourage youth involvement with natural resources.

Clarence Pickernell

“This is my land
From the time of the first Moon till the time of the last Sun
It was given to my People
Wha-neh Wha-neh, the great giver of life, made me out of the Earth of this land
He said, ‘You are the land, and the land is you’
I take well care of this land, for I am part of it....”

-Clarence Pickernell, Taholah, WA

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