Saturday, June 24, 2017



Collaring cougars is an exercise in stamina and courage. Roosevelt elk, black-tailed deer, cougars and black bears are native to

Tribal Lands Day

Sixteen Taholah high school students and an equal number of Elders, school officials and Quinault Division of Natural Resources team members toured

River Restoration

Restoring the Quinault River system to support healthy runs of prized blueback (sockeye) salmon is a top priority for the Quinault Indian Nation.

Forest Management

The Quinault Indian Nation draws strength from the values of our past and the resources within our community to manifest our shared future.

Harmful Algal Bloom

The Quinault Division of Natural Resources is keeping an eye on the ocean for blue-green algae.

Invasive Species

The term “invasive species” can be any kind of living entity, like an amphibian, plant, insect, fish, fungus or bacteria

Outdoor Classroom

There are so many distractions in today’s world that some youth might never see the sun come up except by


The Quinault Division of Natural Resources Fisheries Department develops science-based policies, plans, and procedures to protect and expand