The Quinault Department of Fisheries develops science-based policies...


 plans, and procedures to protect and expand the Nation’s fisheries. This work includes operating two hatcheries - the Lake Quinault Hatchery (Pen Rearing) provides fish for the Quinault River and the Salmon River Fish Culture Facility provides fish for the Queets River system.

Tribal hatcheries incubate and rear salmon to supplement fish populations in the rivers while ongoing studies investigate potential causes for the decline in abundance of these fish.

The hatcheries program pursues grants and outside funding to support its work. Recent projects have included installing a new fish ladder on the Salmon River in the summer of 2011. Both Chinook and coho salmon were observed ascending the ladder immediately after it was opened. Fisheries staff observed a sharp increase in Chinook spawning upstream of the hatchery weir in the following months.

Funds have also been received to improve tribal hatcheries including constructing a salmon return channel at the Salmon River hatchery and installing a new water system at the Pen Rearing hatchery to ensure clean water for rearing salmon. Additional grants funded a formalin delivery egg treatment system, a new forklift, net pen floats, an 18-foot boat, and a 25 hp outboard motor and trailer.

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