Outdoor Classroom

The QDNR Department of Forestry is developing an outdoor...

 classroom in the North Boundary Area in a stand of old-growth timber that is adjacent to one of the North Boundary Conservation Easement blocks.  This outdoor classroom will feature an interpretive trail, a covered picnic shelter/learning area, and a group learning area.  The trail will wind through several age classes of timber, mostly old-growth, and around the headwaters of streams.  

The outdoor classroom will provide an interactive learning area and help foster a partnership between QDNR and the Taholah school.  Students and teachers from Taholah will be able to use this classroom as part of their regular curriculum. QDNR Forestry hopes to eventually make this learning area available to other local school districts such as Lake Quinault.  

For more information contact QDNR Forester Justin Madanifard at (360) 276-8215 x563.

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