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Quinault Projects Program

The Quinault Projects Program offers a variety of natural resource projects on the Quinault Indian Nation. Under the direction of the Quinault Division of Natural Resources the projects are directed toward building sustainable resources, interaction with the Quinault community and taking care of issues affecting the natural resources of the land and waters of the Nation.


Quinault Harmful Algal Bloom Project | Quinault ProjectsThe Quinault Algal Bloom Project is keeping an eye on the ocean for blue-green algae. The Quinault Division of Natural Resources monitoring project allows the Quinault Indian Nation to detect harmful algal blooms in the ocean.



Quinault Ethnobotany Project

The Quinault Ethnobotany Project is providing documentation of historical cultural uses of plants in the region traditionally inhabited by the Quinault and associated Coast Salish people which is important to sustain local plant knowledge and values for future generations.



Quinault Forest Management Project | Quinault Projects

The Quinault Forest Management Project provides the goals, directions, and technical specifications for managing all the individually-owned Trust lands and tribally-owned lands on the Quinault Indian Nation. Timber harvest, water quality, fish and wildlife habitat, roads, cultural resources, and fire management are addressed in the plan.



Quinault Invasive Species Project | Quinault ProjectsThe Quinault Invasive Species Project targets invasive species in the Clearwater and Queets watersheds, lower Quinault tributaries, and the communities of Neilton and Amanda Park.  After successfully treating current invasive species, the program will continue to focus on maintaining and preventing future infestation problems that devastate our wetlands and salmon migration streams if left unprotected. The goal is to find all infestations from the Olympic National Park boundary to the ocean.


Quinault Outdoor Classroom Project | Quinault ProjectsThe Quinault Outdoor Classroom Project is currently being developed by the Quinault Division of Natural Resources Forestry Department. The project is dedicated to increasing the quantity, quality and benefit of outdoor experiences for children in the local school districts.  This outdoor classroom will feature an interpretive trail, a covered picnic shelter/learning area, and a group learning area. The trail will wind through several age classes of timber, mostly old-growth, and around the headwaters of streams.


Quinault River Restoration Project | Quinault ProjectsThe Quinault River Restoration Project is restoring the Quinault River system to support healthy runs of prized blueback (sockeye) salmon and is a top priority for the Quinault Indian Nation. The Quinault Division of Natural Resources Fisheries Department is overseeing the creation of engineered log jams above Lake Quinault to expand salmon spawning habitat.



Quinault Tribal Lands Day Project | Quinault ProjectsThe Quinault Tribal Lands Day was host to sixteen Taholah high school students and an equal number of Quinault Elders, school officials and Quinault Division of Natural Resources team members that toured the Quinault Indian Nation on September 27, 2012, for the first-ever Tribal Lands Day.



Quinault Wildlife Habitat Project | Quinault ProjectsThe Quinault Wildlife Habitat Project, under the guidance of the Quinault Division of Natural Resources is responsible for establishing a sustainable ecosystem and maintaining wildlife populations on the Quinault Indian Nation.




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