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Forest Management

Quinault Forest Management Project

Quinault Forest Management
A meandering trail through the Quinault forest

The Quinault Forest Management Project provides the goals, directions, and technical specifications for managing all the individually-owned Trust lands and tribally-owned lands on the Quinault Indian Nation. Timber harvest, water quality, fish and wildlife habitat, roads, cultural resources, and fire management are addressed in the plan.

The current Quinault Forest Management Plan was updated in 2017. Quinault Division of Natural Resources Planning Forester Cynthia Harbison lead the efforts to update the plan and gather input from the community, allottees, technical experts, and state and federal partners. Ultimately, the Quinault Forest Management Plan will reflect the Quinault Indian Nation’s vision for its land and forests.

Quinault Forest Management Plan Process

The first Quinault Forest Management Plan for the Quinault Indian Nation was implemented in 2003 and was to expire in October of 2013, but was extended to April 2017. The Quinault Indian Nation and the BIA initiated the forest management planning process for this plan in 2009. Because the plan is considered a federal action, it is required to go through the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process.

Quinault Forest Management
The Quinault Fire Protection Program conducts prescribed burns

To address this requirement, an Environmental Assessment was initiated for the purpose of developing management alternatives, assessing them for significant impacts to the human environment and to assist decision makers in selecting an alternative. The first step of the process was to implement a public outreach process. Public issues and concerns were also solicited by the Quinault Indian Nation and BIA at public meetings held at Taholah, Queets and Aberdeen in March 2013. From this process, the Environmental Assessment was developed with four management alternatives.

  • Public Outreach
  • Public Meetings
  • Environmental Consequences
  • Alternative Selection

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