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Lake Quinault Management Plan

Lake Quinault Management Plan

The Quinault Indian Nation Division of Natural Resources (QDNR) is developing a Lake Quinault Management Plan to guide future management of the Lake. The plan will be based on best available science and be informed by the input of tribal members, managing jurisdictions and the Lake community.

Lake Quinault Management Plan
The Quinault Blueback relies on Lake Quinault as a pathway to restoration

The Quinault Indian Nation owns and manages the waters and bed of Lake Quinault up to its Ordinary High Water Mark (generally the natural vegetation line on the shore). The management and regulatory authority for areas around Lake Quinault above the Ordinary High Water Mark is shared between the National Park Service, the US Forest Service, Grays Harbor County, and the Quinault Indian Nation (within its reservation).

Lake Quinault provides important habitat for Blueback – a culturally, ecologically, and economically vital sockeye species to the Quinault Indian Nation.  Activities below the Ordinary High Water Mark, like bulkhead construction, docks, dumping debris, poaching, introducing non-native plants or animals, and disturbing the nearshore areas, can cause harm to the Lake and Blueback population. Activities above the Ordinary High Water Mark, like vegetation clearing, leaking onsite sewage systems, and herbicide use can also cause harm to the Lake and the Blueback.

Lake Quinault Management Plan
A beautiful summer day on Lake Quinault which is owned by the Quinault Nation

To make sure the Lake Quinault Management Plan reflects your values and concerns, the QDNR is requesting that tribal members share what you value most about the Lake and what issues are most important to you. You can do this by completing an online survey. It only takes 10 minutes and you will also be entered into a raffle to win a gift card!

Tribal Members are encouraged to access the online survey here:

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